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Going Nuts for La Nogalera Walnut Oil

July 25, 2012

Last week while I was cruising around the Farmers Market I picked up a bottle of La Nogalera Walnut oil. It was $20 for a 250ML bottle, which seemed a bit pricey to me at first, but one taste, and I was ready to ante up. I exchange my $20 bill for a bottle and headed home to experiment. I soon realized that this magic potion was worth every cent. I made amazing salad dressings and pesto’s,  I poured it on fish, chicken and even fruit. Pretty much every thing I could think of. Its an oil that adds depth and warmth to almost any dish you can dream up. I tossed together this simple green bean dish because that’s what looked good at the farmers market. The recipe is on my recipes page  if you’d like to re-create.



StuffinStuff Pesto Stuffed Mushroom Caps

June 19, 2012

Check out what I did with these four ingredients

Seeds For Sprouts

June 17, 2012


What an exciting morning yesterday was at Surfas restaurant supply and chef playground in Culver City. I’m excited any time I get to play at Surfas, but yesterday was extra special. It was our first Seeds for Sprouts!
Seeds for Sprouts is a summer gardening program connecting kids to the food they eat from soil to plate. Showing kids that food comes from the earth and not just the supermarket is important. Seeds for Sprouts teaches the basics of planting seeds, and every child who attends takes home their own transplantable, edible, baby plant to care for and watch grow.
Seeds for Sprouts will be working in conjunction with Piccolo Chef, a company dedicated to teaching kids and parents the fundamentals of fun easy healthy eating. The Piccolo Chefs will be hosting Iron Piccolo Chef cooking demos for kids in the Surfas test kitchen.
The goal is to engage children from a very young age and to get them involved with their food. It seems that kids like veggies a whole lot more when their the ones who grow them!

Seeds for Sprouts workshop presented by: A Sustainable Kitchen & Katheryne of Katheryne Cooks, that’s me.

To get involved check the Surfas events calendar.

Follow That Chef…

May 28, 2012

…wish that you had a professional chef by your side while you were at the farmers market? You know, someone to haggle with the venders for the best price on arugula, someone who knows what to do with that huge bag of peaches you just had to buy, or what the heck are these giant  green things, and how do I cook them?

Well stop wishing, and get behind the scene to find out what happens in a real chefs kitchen! The Venice based company A Sustainable Kitchen has teamed up with The Santa Monica Farmers Market and local chefs to bring you an inspiring class that will lead you on a tour through the famous Santa Monica Farmers Market and then back to the beautiful Kitchen at the Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savory for a quick lesson on what to do with your fresh bounty.

After the Demo The US Green Building Council will provide a tour to point out some of the sustainable features of the Santa Monica Place.

This is a FREE event! But spaces are limited and they fill up quickly, so be sure to register here:

Fresh off the boat…

May 20, 2012


One of my favorite things about Culver City, besides the amazing art happening at the moment, has to be Surfas Restaurant Supply. Its one of those places I get excited just thinking about. The shelves are stocked with high-quality insane products like Guerilla Honey, Meat Gloo, crystals made from the Essence of Basil, and just about every sort of kitchen utensil/gadget you can imagine. Every time I visit Surfas I experience something new.

This visit was no exception, except I was not shopping on this sojourn, instead of taking home some exotic chocolate or french cheese, I took home the experience of getting to cook with Chef Mark Gold of Eva restaurant in the Surfas Test Kitchen along with Annette Eason from A Sustainable Kitchen of Venice, and amazing seafood from Seafood for The Future. Together they set up a free demo illustrating the importance of sustainable fishing and the impact it has on our planet, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to assist.

We graciously received Giant Spotted Prawns,caught off the coast of Santa Barbara just hours before, so fresh they were still kicking, and a huge basket of muscles. Both were delivered by Kim from Seafood for the Future. The shellfish was loaded right off the boat into her car and then driven directly to Surfas. No fresher Seafood than that unless you catch it yourself!

The demo was a HUGE success! The food Chef Mark Gold cooked was somehow simple yet decadent, fresh, and super tasty. Kim from Seafood for the Future answered tons of questions concerning the ever confusing subject of fresh or farm raised and why, and Annette was able to connect the importance of sustainable fishing with green living. Not to mention an audience of fifty got to indulge on the freshest prawns I have ever tasted!

I had so much fun at this Demo, I cant wait until the next! To see more pictures of the Live seafood and Chef Mark Gold head to my Facebook page

Make sure to check the Surfas Los Angeles website for future FREE demos from A Sustainable Kitchen.

Sustainability + Seafood

May 19, 2012

Surfas in Culver City is offering a FREE demo this afternoon with Chef Mark Gold of Eva. He and Annette Eason of the Venice based company a Sustainable Kitchen will be talking about the confusing subject of sustainable seafood. What types of fish to eat, and when to eat them. Join us for free food, and helpful tips for creating ocean friendly food. Today from 11:00-1:00

Fruity Fun

May 6, 2012


Springs full bounty has brought an abundance of tropical fruits. Mango, papaya, coconut, and pineapple are some of my favorite fruits this time of year. Not only all high in their own vitamins, but they are naturally super sweet, appealing to the eye, and a perfect way to create a fun, easy, kid enticing snack.

Because of the beautiful and substantial shells on these fruits they make perfect cups to serve them self in. If using a papaya or a pineapple, use the larger half of the fruit. If using a mango or coconut half the fruit. Next hollow out the shells and dice up the flesh of the fruit. This is a great step for kids because all of the fruits can be hollowed out using a spoon so its safe for children. Just be careful if using pineapple (kinda prickly).

Fill with your favorite yogurt, then sprinkle the diced up fruit onto the yogurt and garnish with honey and mint.