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Theres a new kid in town…Superba

October 9, 2012

Fried Brussel Sprouts in a dashi broth, sous vide egg, chives

I can’t believe I am actually writing this, but I am afraid that my 3 year love affair with Gjelinas is over.  Until now, I have found no other that could compare. The dark swanky ambiance, the thin as paper pizza, the salted butterscotch pot de creme, OMG! How could anything ever compete?  I wasn’t sure anything could, but then I found Superba, and my new crush had begun.

Nestled on Rose ave the once dark and dodgy street that was lined with liquor stores and laundry mats is now abuzz with an electricity.  There are new boutiques, cafe’s, juice bars, wine bars, and several loft style apartments in the works. The scene is young, eclectic, and full of life. Its the perfect stretch for a row of hip new foodie finds.

That must be what owner Paul Hibler, also owner of Pitfire pizza chain,was thinking when he decided to open here, and I’m so happy he did.  Superba fully embodies what Farm-to-table is all about. Taking pride in using only the finest local, organic, sustainable ingredients, from their own farm, ensures that their beautiful entrees are as fresh as it gets.

Minimal clean lines and a large open patio dotted with Navajo blankets for chilly guests greet me as I approach.  I take a quick peek inside before I put my name down for a table (they don’t take reservations) and I notice its small, but the atmosphere is inviting. After a short wait for a table, our hostess takes us to our seats, and I think she must have liked us, because they were the best seats in the house!  Somehow we got lucky enough to score a spot at the bar right in front of the open kitchen. We watched as chefs prepared and tossed fresh pasta. It was magical.

The menu is compiled of charcuterie, fruits and veggies celebrating their garden, and elegant hand-made pastas. We ordered four or five dishes, as they are small and meant to share.

Sticky Finger Lick’n chicken at Superba

Starting with the charred figs and Burratta, dusted in a walnut powder, opal mustard, fresh mint and I think a bit of lemon curd. We were over the moon with our first choice, when our crispy broccoli shows up. Fried little florets bursting with savory flavor dissolve in my mouth. Next a plate of sweet fried chicken appeared before my eyes. Smothered in a sticky sauce and red peppers, I cant wait to dig in. Before I could tell the owner Paul, how happy we were with everything, he was sending more entrees our way.  We had smokey pork meatballs, deep-fried brussel sprouts bathed in a dashi broth topped with a sous vide egg, and a showstopping velvety pappardelle w/braised ox tail, dried cherries & ricotta salata. Just as we held up our white flag our server brought us a small hinged jar of something I can only describe as pure decadence. A wonderful homage to the childhood campfire favorite, S’mores! As we open its lid, I’m giddy to see layers of charred marshmallows and rich chocolate are layered into this little glass treasure pot.

velvety pappardelle, braised ox tails, dried cherries, ricotta salata.

Full of food and sick with gluttony, we thank our chef for an amazing show, and a lovely dinner experience. I cant wait to come back!

533 Rose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90291

(310) 399-6400

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