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The Dory Fleet cant be beat!!

August 19, 2012


Just a forty-five minute drive from my home there is a magical little place called The Dory Fleet. A small fish market established in 1891 by a local fisherman as a place for the locals to get a fair deal on fresh seafood. If you get here early enough in the morning, and very possibly on your one day to sleep in, you can swoop up some fantastically fresh fish for next to nothing. Just like the pro’s. For me that’s the only reason that I need to set the alarm clock on a Saturday morning.

Nestled on the sand next to the Newport Beach Pier on the Balboa Peninsula you’ll find an enchanting sea bungalow. The Dory Fleet, that any given weekend morning is filled with sleepy seafood lovers, standing in line with a coffee in one hand and a cooler in the other. Their eyes widen as they browse over this weeks catch. Bellies start to rumble, and coolers are getting filled to their brims with crabs and prawns that are still kicking.

All kinds if live shell fish like crabs, large prawns, and snails. Beautiful seasonal fish caught locally, within hours of their sale are all out on display. There are fishermen cleaning and gutting black cod and their are seagulls begging at their feet like the family dog. Crabs are crawling over each other, and large spotted prawns are jumping out of their shallow container pools of ocean water. Its any chefs dream, but this sustainable fish market isn’t for the chefs, or the wholesalers. Its for people who love to cook and people who love fresh seafood, but don’t feel that they should pay such a steep mark up on the price.

The Dory Fleet is open every weekend, if the weather permits, and its open to the public! That means fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable seafood starting at $2 a pound. Yes, I wrote that correctly…$2!!!!

I make the trip down to Newport about once a month. I am always happy with the delicious seafood that I find there. The selection is decent, and The Dory Fleet update their website weekly so that you can check their catch before you head to the pier. Its the best seafood I have ever had, and the most wonderful part is that its also the least expensive!!! Now that doesn’t happen very often.

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