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Seeds For Sprouts

June 17, 2012


What an exciting morning yesterday was at Surfas restaurant supply and chef playground in Culver City. I’m excited any time I get to play at Surfas, but yesterday was extra special. It was our first Seeds for Sprouts!
Seeds for Sprouts is a summer gardening program connecting kids to the food they eat from soil to plate. Showing kids that food comes from the earth and not just the supermarket is important. Seeds for Sprouts teaches the basics of planting seeds, and every child who attends takes home their own transplantable, edible, baby plant to care for and watch grow.
Seeds for Sprouts will be working in conjunction with Piccolo Chef, a company dedicated to teaching kids and parents the fundamentals of fun easy healthy eating. The Piccolo Chefs will be hosting Iron Piccolo Chef cooking demos for kids in the Surfas test kitchen.
The goal is to engage children from a very young age and to get them involved with their food. It seems that kids like veggies a whole lot more when their the ones who grow them!

Seeds for Sprouts workshop presented by: A Sustainable Kitchen & Katheryne of Katheryne Cooks, that’s me.

To get involved check the Surfas events calendar.

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