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Fruity Fun

May 6, 2012


Springs full bounty has brought an abundance of tropical fruits. Mango, papaya, coconut, and pineapple are some of my favorite fruits this time of year. Not only all high in their own vitamins, but they are naturally super sweet, appealing to the eye, and a perfect way to create a fun, easy, kid enticing snack.

Because of the beautiful and substantial shells on these fruits they make perfect cups to serve them self in. If using a papaya or a pineapple, use the larger half of the fruit. If using a mango or coconut half the fruit. Next hollow out the shells and dice up the flesh of the fruit. This is a great step for kids because all of the fruits can be hollowed out using a spoon so its safe for children. Just be careful if using pineapple (kinda prickly).

Fill with your favorite yogurt, then sprinkle the diced up fruit onto the yogurt and garnish with honey and mint.

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